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House - De Belvès

Type of project:

Individual - Extension

Date :

June 2022

Place :


Assignment :

Creation of waxed concrete on the floor, walls of the kitchen and bathroom


String 027C - Marius Aurenti
Elephant gray 000E - Marius Aurenti

Collaboration :

Isabelle HOSSEIN - Interior designer

Photographer :

Romain BONNE


Discover the harmony of polished concrete in our creation, unifying floors and walls in the kitchen and bathroom.
The subtle shades of Corde 027C and Elephant Gray 000E by Marius Aurenti transform these spaces into a perfect marriage of modernity and elegance.

A collaboration with Isabelle HOSSEIN, interior designer, adds a distinctive touch to this project, creating a set where functionality and design meet with style.

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